2018 Fall Stash Buster Workshop

10.12.18 | Prayers & Squares, Women, News, Articles

    Calling all quilters!

    We need your help! Join us for a two-day workshop sponsored by Prayers & Squares

    -WHEN: Friday October 12, 9 AM to 4 PM and/or Saturday October 13, 9 AM to 2 PM

    -WHERE: Linder Hall, First UMC in Mission Valley

    -PROJECT: Pattern of your choice using fabric from our stash

    -COST: $10/per day including lunch
    or 5$/day if bringing your own lunch.
    ** Note: Scholarships are available for this event. Please contact Joanne Jackson for more information at  


    There will be door prizes. Everyone will be a winner.
    At lunch each day we will have a guest who will present a devotional. Check back later to find out more about who this will be.

    Lunch time speakers

    All of our Prayers & Squares meetings include devotionals brought by our members. This year’s guest speakers are people relatively new to First Church. Our Friday speaker is Troy Hebblethwaite, Director of Facilities and Events at First Church and our Saturday speaker is Dr. Elaine Amerson, who is the wife of our interim pastor. More about our speakers...


    REGISTER HERE... Last day to register is October 7


    What’s the problem? Our Stash is overflowing, and we need to keep up with the demand for prayer quilts. Through many generous donations of fabric, we have
    accumulated an amazing amount of fabric. We also have quilt tops that are ready to be layered and to have ties applied. The demand for Prayer Quilts has been fairly high recently, and our supply of quilts that are ready to be filled with prayers is lower than we like it to be.


    What if I have already started a prayer quilt at an earlier retreat? Do I have to start a new one?
    No, this would be an excellent time to finish the prayer quilt you have started.

    What do I need to do before the retreat?
    Before the retreat please decide on a pattern for a fairly easy, scrappy quilt. Come and select your fabric from our stash. You can attend one of our regular Prayers & Squares meetings on Thursday, September 20, or Saturday, October 6. We meet in Linder Hall 4 from 9 AM to noon. And if you have not already selected a pattern, you can find one also. If you can’t possibly come on either of those dates, just register, and there will be contact information in your confirmation letter about
    meeting a Prayers & Squares member at a mutually convenient time. Please cut your fabric before the retreat so that the full time can be spent sewing.

    Will there be someone to help me with constructing my quilt if I need it?
    Yes, there will be Prayers & Squares members who will be happy to help you. This retreat is not for beginners, but the nice part of sewing with others is that there is someone to help if you need them.

    What will we be doing at the retreat besides sewing?
    Prayers & Squares retreats are always full of friendship and fellowship, and there are other tasks that are very helpful. There will be tables set up for layering quilts and putting in the ties. This requires no sewing experience and is a good time to get acquainted with other participants. It is always nice to have someone who will iron for those who are sewing so that they don’t have to
    stop so often.

    What if I want to sew, but I need to borrow a sewing machine?
    A few of our members have agreed to provide machines to lend. Let us know when you register.We have space and electricity for 20 sewing machines. 

    What if I can’t afford to spend that money right now?
    We have a limited number of scholarships available.

    REGISTER HERE... Last day to register is October 7


    More Patterns

    More patterns can be found at the Prayers & Squares website: www.prayerquilt.org. You will not be able to open the patterns without a user name and password. If you want to look at the patterns, Email Betty Leal at and the highly secret information will be shared with you.

    size guidelines

    We have a guideline for the size for prayer quilts. The finished quilt top should measure 50 X 60 inches. The measurement can vary by 5 inches in either direction, but it should be a rectangle, not a square.

    ...and More free patterns

    Here are some websites that provide free patterns for quilts. If you find a pattern you like but it is not the right size, you can make more or fewer blocks or add borders.
    All People Quilt http://www.allpeoplequilt.com/ Many of the quilt throws are about the right size.

    Mary Quilts https://maryquilts.com/

    Cluck, Cluck, Sew http://cluckclucksew.com/my-tutorials

    Check out the tutorials at Missouri Star Quilt Company https://quiltingtutorials.com/

    We also share patterns for easy, scrappy quilts on our Facebook page. If you would like to be added to our group, contact Betty Leal .


    When 2-year-old Kody slipped into a coma following heart surgery in 1992 the doctors were pessimistic. But, the child’s grandmother was a member of an informal quilting group at Hope United Methodist Church in Rancho Bernardo and they, indeed, had hope…and prayers. Hastily they crafted a brightly colored quilt held together with ties. With each tie they said a prayer for the little boy. The quilt covered him with these prayers, and he came out of his coma. In fact, the quilt was so comforting during the subsequent medical procedures that Kody’s doctor wrote an “order” in his medical chart that the quilt was not to leave his side! To this day, similar quilts provide comfort and uplifting prayers to many.

                    Realizing a need for quilts for others, the Prayers and Squares Ministry was born. Today there are approximately 1200 chapters internationally and First United Methodist Church of San Diego is proud to be one of them. Many FUMCSD members have stopped to tie a knot and say a prayer on the patio, often for someone they did not know. Others have “sponsored” quilts for congregational members, community acquaintances, and friends and family in other locations. While many of the quilts go to comfort the sick or bereaved, that’s not always the case—or purpose. One Sunday each member of a family of five received quilts to accompany them on their new Navy overseas assignment and remind them of their church family at FUMCSD. Sometimes some of the ties are purposely left untied as in the case of spry 98-year-old Amy Fike, a long-time FUMCSD member, now in assisted living. When she fell and was temporarily hospitalized, she was able to show off her Prayers and Squares quilt and ask the staff, including several young people, to tie a knot and say a prayer: a ministry within a ministry! Yet another non-member recipient was especially moved when a quilt was sponsored to help her cope with the sudden, tragic loss of her husband. She stood on the patio, unrecognized, and watched strangers tie knots and pray for her. A year later she remarked to the sponsors that that was one of the most healing experiences of the time, and she brought her quilt back for rededication on a special “quilt day” at the church. The Prayers and Squares motto: “It’s not about the quilt; it’s all about the prayers.”