Children & Youth Sunday School Schedule

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    Pre-K / Kindergarten

    9-10 AM - Sunday School | Purple Room | Check-in 8:45-9 AM | Check-out in Purple Room at 10 AM
    10-10:30 AM - Sunday School Bridge | Childcare in Purple Room and Playground
    10:30-11-30 AM - Childcare  |  Purple Room and Playground  |  Check-out by 11:45 AM

    During the Sunday School Bridge, kids will be escorted to the playground (Gr. 1-2) or Game Room in the Middle School Room in the Cove area for supervision from 10-10:40. They will then be escorted to the Imagination Station.

    Grades 1-4

    8:45-9 AM - Check-in  |  Plaza level Sanctuary entrance
    9-9:15 AM  - Children's Time in Sanctuary Worship
    9:15-10 AM  - Sunday School  | Check-out by 10 AM
    Gr. 1-2  |  Multipurpose Rm 
    Gr. 3-4  |  The Cove 

    Check-out in the Multipurpose Room by 10:40. Carol Choir (K - 4) also meets during this time.

    Imagination Station Grades 1-4

    10:45-11:30 AM | Multipurpose Room
    Just what its name implies -- the Imagination Station will have kids participating and exploring projects in art, drama, science ... and more!
    If you are attending the 10:30 worship, stop by the Imagination Station in the Multipurpose room. Kids First students in the Sunday School Bridge will be escorted to the Imagination Station at 10:40 AM.

    Register your child for 2018-19



    Email Priscilla Venegas, Interim Director of Children's Ministry or call 619-297-4366 ext. 140 

        Kids First web page 


    Students 1st Sunday School

    10:30-11:30 AM | The Cove | Student must sign In/Out

    HIGH SCHOOL - GR. 9-12 - The Mountain Top & Lunch
    11:30 AM -1:30 PM | The Cove* | Student must sign In/Out
    "High schoolers will experience a varied program with some activities going off-campus and into the community during the year," says Kenton Hundley, Director of Discipleship for Children and Youth. Lunch is included! *Off-campus dates TBD.


    Email or call Kenton Hundley, Director of Discipleship for Children and 619-297-4366 ext.118


     students 1st web page


    Nursery Care for Infants and Toddlers

    7:45-11:45 | Nursery
    Care for infants and toddlers is available all morning long in the nursery.