Shoes that Fit Change Drive

06.20.17 | Missions, News | by Brenda Blake, Director of Church and Community Work

    Good Things Come in a Shoebox - Shoes That Fit Change Drive is on Sunday, July 23 and 30

    A not-so-funny thing happens at school when your shoes don't fit, or they are falling apart, or they used to belong to another member in your family, - or worse, to a stranger. Suddenly all you can think of are your feet. Who's staring at my shoes? They're so tight; I'll have to take them off to walk home. What if my shoe falls apart playing recess? What do I do when some bully teases me about wearing holey, smelly shoes?

    The FUMC Shoes That Fit change drive provides new shoes to students in need at ten San Diego area elementary schools. Past contribution campaigns have provided shoes to more than 2,500 disadvantaged students, changing lives in our local community. 

    We want to be ready for September and the new school year. Please bring your change (or bills and checks) to the Shoes That Fit table in Linder Hall between services on July 23 or July 30. You can also sign up to help buy and/or deliver the shoes by contacting Brenda Blake or 619-297-4366 ext. 125

    After all, new shoes provide dignity, hope, pride, and self-esteem. That's an awful lot of good things in a rather small box, don't you think?