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In a different time, we wouldn’t be watching a service of remembrance through an internet connection. We would gather with others, remembering together.... But today is different. During this pandemic, we are thankful for the technology that lets us share this Service of Remembrance with you even though we are physically apart we can still mourn and remember together. Let us turn our hearts toward the divine mystery of life, and death, and life beyond death. Thanks for joining us.


Service of Remembrance in a time of covid-19, First United Methodist a church of San Diego

4-26-2020 Worship guide

Please join us as we remember: David Anderson, Bill Bening, Gene Body, Katherine Cheung, Millie Christensen, Angela Diaz de Leon, Angela DuBuque, Edwin Fulcher, Jeff Ghazarian, Milton Kevershan, John Kumar, David Mulvey, David Nelson, Nellie “Na” Lenore Oliveto, LeAnn Oren, Barbara Prince, Jana Prince, Susan Rae, Sal Ramat, Socorro Serrano,

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