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Life is not intended to be lived in isolation, but instead we are created to live in a community.

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The spiritual journey is different for all people. We'll help you find ways to learn, grow, and serve.

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Our Sunday service times are
Trotter Chapel: 8 AM
Sanctuary: 9 & 10:30 AM
Water's Edge: 10 AM


Upcoming Event

Sunset Worship & Bible Study

Join Rev. John Fanestil and Organist Jaebon Hwang for the beauty of worship and Bible study at sunset in First Church's majestic Sanctuary.

Upcoming Event

The Future(s) of First Church

Join Rev. John Fanestil this fall for exploratory conversations about the future of First Church as a "cathedral for all people." What does it...

Upcoming Event

Sacred Music in a Sacred Space

Our Music Series begins on September 30 featuring San Diego’s 20-voice, year-round professional choir, SACRA/PROFANA, which is celebrating...

Upcoming Event

Sacred Space in a Secular World

In this lecture, Mark Trotter will examine the historical roots of Christendom and "Post-Christendom." 

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