Here you'll find a Christian community of young people: Middle School (grades 5-8) and High School (grades 9-12). We meet every week, either in smaller groups within our own age-groups or in larger gatherings, outings and fun events. We learn about God, and ourselves, as we try to find out what it means to become followers of Jesus Christ. Contact Kenton Hundley, Director of Discipleship for Children & Youth for more information. (619) 297-4366 ext. 118. 


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Upcoming Event

Friendsgiving with FUMC Chula Vista

We are joining our friends at FUMC Chula Vista again for a Friendsgiving feast! More details will be provided closer to the date as far as what to...

Upcoming Event

Amphibious Nights

For our students 4th-12th grade, come join us on a land and sea adventure in Seaport Village as we venture on a Seal tour. Dress festive as we...

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