Young Adults

Young Adults at First Church are gathering in community in creative and exciting ways.

Through Apostello Academy, the Wesley Foundation at San Diego State University, and El Faro: the Border Church.


Creating inclusive community
The StoryShare Project is a joint initiative of Encompass Church and the Wesley Foundation at SDSU, inviting young adults to express themselves through storytelling, art, and media. You can connect with the StoryShare Project by liking our Facebook page (StoryShare SD), coming to one of our meet ups (check out The Story on, or sharing part of your story one-on-one with our StoryShare Coordinator, Julie Walker.





EL FARO: The Border Church

Breaking Bread across the US-Mexico Border
Every Sunday afternoon, Rev. John Fanestil and Brooke Collins travel to Friendship Park, the historic bi-national meeting place on the US-Mexico border. Together with friends gathered in Tijuana, we stand in solidarity with families separated by immigration status and share the sacrament of communion across the international boundary. Visit El Faro: The Border Church on Facebook to learn more... 

Facebook  El Faro: The Border Church / La Iglesia Fronteriza