The Food Ministry needs you!

Become a supplier (picker-upper) for the Loaves & Fishes Food Ministry

Of the few things we are asked to do as Methodist, “Service” can be the most difficult to achieve. Today we all live busy lives. Between jobs home and family, finding just the right way to serve can be difficult for many.

Our Food Ministry offers a large selection of areas where service can be tailored to the lives of just about anyone. The most popular and well known function, of course, is serving the low income families each Sunday afternoon.

However, there are some “behind the scenes” functions that offer an even more flexible schedule to accommodate any busy member - the functions of our “Suppliers”.

Our suppliers are critical to the success of this ministry. Without them there would be nothing to serve our families on Sunday and this ministry would fail. Our suppliers have full use of the church trucks and are always reimbursed out of the food ministry funds for any cash outlay.

A very real need exists today in the following supply areas:

  • Food Bank produce pick-up. We have a 9 AM appointment each Friday – One trip a week.
  • Costco Business Center on Convoy to get three 15 dozen boxes of eggs - One trip a week/any day.
  • Costco in Mission Valley to get monthly supply of bulk rice and pinto beans – One trip a month/any day.
  • Challenge Dairy on Hancock St. to get 7 cases of milk – One trip a week – Thursday or Friday afternoon.
  • Food Bank canned goods pick-up. Order 24 cases online w/appointment pick-up – One trip a month/any day.

Please pray on these special needs and consider how you might become a vital part of this important ministry. For more details contact Brenda Blake at 619-297-4366 ext. 125 or email bblake@fumcsd.org